Headstrong PRO
for trainees

Headstrong Pro offers low-cost counselling for trainees. Created by Headstrong Counselling, the UK’s largest placement provider for counselling, psychotherapy, and psychology trainees, Headstrong Pro recognises that good personal therapy is equally as important as a good placement with good supervision.

Headstrong Pro caters specifically to the therapeutic needs of trainees, and helps trainees increase their chances of qualifying and becoming great therapists - which means better job opportunities post-qualification. Following an assessment, we will match you to a qualified counsellor who is best suited to you, while keeping the cost low and affordable throughout your training.


Being a counselling trainee can be expensive. Accessing good therapeutic support as part of your training should not be. For this reason, we keep our services low-cost.

One-Stop Shop

Finding the right therapist for the right weekly price can be a daunting and long process.

At Headstrong Pro, following an assessment, we will assign you to the best possible counsellor to suit your therapeutic needs.If the counsellor, or the therapeutic approach is not a good match, we will select a new therapist free-of-charge.


Having the right therapist during your training is crucial.We take pride in who we have on the team, and value practitioners who care about inclusive practice, and delivering good therapy.


All assessments and therapy sessions take place remotely, so therapeutic support can be accessed via audio or video from anywhere.


We will produce an official report of your completed therapy hours when you require it for your course or accrediting body.

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